Our Gourmet Fun Funnels!

Maple bacon cheese cake 

A mouth watering funnel cake topped with cheese cake, bacon, brown sugar and maple drizzel

Nuttella smores

A delicious  funnel topped with vanilla ice, chocolate chips, with nuttela drizzle.

Oreo crumbs fun funnel

A delicious funnel cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, topped with oreo crumbles and chocolate drizzle 

Cinnabun fun 

is our award-winning funnel cake topped with cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla ice cream, and frosting drizzle.

Red Velvet Fun Funnel 

Classic red velvet funnel cake topped with vanilla ice cream and frosting dizzle 

Straw berry Fan Funnel

A Delightful funnel cake with a scoop of strawberry ice cream topped with fresh local strawberries, strawberry drizzle topped with whip cream. 

Classic Fun Funnel

Our signature funnel cake topped with a generous amount of powdered sugar. 

Smothered cheese cake

A whole slice of homemade cheese cake deep fried to perfection topped with camel sauce. 

APPLE crisp fun funnel 

A scrumptious funnel cake with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, made from scratch apple cobbler, finished off with a sprinkle of brown sugar.

Strawberry cheese cake 

Fluffy shaved ice topped with real strawberries, cream and whip

Oreo Blast

Fluffy shaved ice topped with oreo crumbs, cream , chocolate drizzle and whip

Confetti shaved ice

A mixture of blue raspberry, tigers blood, sour apple and banana with sprinkles and whip

Peaches and Cream

Fluffy shaved ice topped with cream, peaches flavoring, cream and whip

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Bubble Tea- Seasonal 


Whole pineapple smoothies- seasonal 


Ice cream can be topped or smothered  with an array of different ice creams

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